Boutique Fitness Centre

Vita Pilates Fitness Centre Floorplan Flair Studio design

Flair Studio was appointed to re-design, project manage and to deliver on site a boutique Fitness and Pilates Centre for Vita in Brompton Cross, Chelsea, originally designed more than 10 years ago by Tigg Coll architects and Fiona Barratt Interiors.

We worked closely with the client to rethink and to refresh the phisical image of the spaces by upgrading the operational and functional aspects of the boutique fitness centre as well as focusing on the brand image in collaboration with a creative agency. We strived to use lighting design to reimagine the perception of the spaces by bringing in warm, ambient light and grazing effects to the textured walls. Anti-glare solutions have been adopted for all visible light sources to ensure the visual confort of the users. The bautyful multi-coloured, grade listed external facade in London bricks andscalloped tiles was a great inspiration to develop in continuity the colour scheme for the interiors.

The refurbishment was also a good occasion to improve the sustainability of the commercial unit by retrofitting and increasing the performance of the existing building. Although working on a budget, we found solutions to add thermal and acoustic insulation, reduce the air conditioning usage by promoting natural ventilation into the classroom and by recycling and refreshing existing joinery.

The project was affected by lockdown restrictions. For more about designign boutique fitness spaces after the pandemic, please read our article here.

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