Burberry, MIlan – Via Montenapoleone

Flair Studio collaborated with the Burberry store planning team, ASZ architects and the Ganter Group and also led the coordination and the site supervision for the refurbishment of the 2,500 Sq mt store in Via Montenapoleone in Milan.

The brief was to replicate the new concept of the Regent Street flagship store with the curtains acting as a backdrop for the  floating furniture as a main theatrical feature, although introducing new colours for the different areas of the gigantic store. But the programme was very tight and imposed to work in phases and during the night, in order to minimize disruptions of the operating store.

Special effort was made to wrap the entire store with waved curtains in different colour by integrating the bespoke joinery, lights, architectural features such as portals, doors, elevator, and special systems. The amount of fabric from the curtains in such a big store imposed to change the anti-fire requirements of the building.