Charlotte Olympia, South Coast Plaza

For Charlotte Olympia with Paolo Giachi

The 5th store in USA opened in South Coast Plaza luxury mall in Orange County, following to the opening of the Los Angeles flagship store in Rodeo Drive. Through the transparent facade a sublte play of surfaces is enhanced by dazzling mirrors and lit by a feature skylight.

Extended display niches alternates with visual displays and central tables are guiding the customer journey through the different rooms. Against the distinctive backdrop of brass paneling, marmorino finishes and a dazzling mirrored walls, the shoe and handbag collections make an eye-catching display. Luxurious blush furnishings and signature leopard print mid-century style seating entice customers to sit back and enjoy the welcoming environment of this unique store.

Lighting design uses subtle anti-glare devices while enhancing different surfaces in a warm and again welcoming environment, while highlighting the peculiarities of the collection.