A complete refurbishment of a victorian apartment in the heart of Chelsea was also an opportunity to completely reconfigure its internal space. For the nearly 120 sq mt apartment we createed an open plan comprising the hole living area and reogranised the sleeping space in a more contemporary way by introducing ensuite bathrooms and walk-in closets for two larger bedrooms.

Travertino Navona and light smoked oak wood composed a neutral and elegant colour palette with touches of brushed brass, smoked glass and greige lacquered wood.

The former entrance was replaced with a wall to wall joinery component, integrating the entrance doors with cabinets and part of the kitchen with the kitchen island in front of it. Other bespoke joinery elements composed the two walk-in closets and the bathroom vanities.

In addition to the interior design we worked with a structural engineer for the demolitions, we obtained the license to alter and building regulations approval and monitored the construction works

Chelsea apartment, travertino navona and light smoked oak, stairs
Chelsea apartment bathroom travertino navona smoked glass
Chelsea apartment living open space with kitchen