Lucerelli restaurant 5th floor Harvey Nichols London, Flair Studio design
Lucarelli Harvey Nichols, fifth floor, bar detail, verdigris, bloe patina, pass, flair studio design

A unique opportunity presented itself to create a traditional Italian restaurant for Lucarelli and chef Aldo Zilli  at the top floor of Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge. The space was once occupied by Yo-Sushi which closed a few years ago and since then remained part of the foodmarket.


We conducted a feasibility together with Lucarelli and Harvey Nichols to redefine the hole area adding resulting spaces to create a new kitchen, which we wanted to keep as open as possible into the main hall. The aim for the new open kitchen is to add a sort of theatre and movement with a real flame pizza oven and to celebrate the importance of the food.


In addition to designing the space, we carefully studied all the operational aspects, the sense of arrival and the route through the open kitchen and the seating area, these routes are sequenced with a series of arches, sometimes hidden by the plants, sometimes enhanced by decorative lights and artworks, including a mosaic piece we designed at the entrance which reflects the heritage of the traditional Italian cousine.

The main narrative is to create an open garden on the top floor, we curated the experience to ensure that every detail and operational element plays it part, and this is reflected in the choice of materials, finishes and lights. To enhance the sense of arrival, we collaborated with mosaicist Giulia Manzoni to design a mosaic piece, a tondo artistico which reflects the Italian heritage of the Lucarelli brand. We also designed low level screens with a series of arches, sometimes hidden by the plants, sometimes enhanced by decorative lights and artworks, to create controlled visions through the main hall while offering privacy and separate areas.

For the Lucarelli restaurant we acted as lead  designer coordinating consultants and the main contractor, the kitchen equipment, the joinery contractor and all the direct ordersincluding the bespoke blue patina copper panels we developed with a specialist supplier.

Lucarelli Harvey Nichols, open kitchen, screens, verdigirs, flair studio design