Roberto Cavalli Store and Cafe in St. Tropez

For Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli opened his first store in St.Tropez back in the Seventies. The new opening of a bespoke Cafe brings in glamour and style to the concept store nearby. The unique design blends brand values with unique sense of place.

Roberto Cavalli Cafe is a concept for a unique lifestyle club which is part of a 240 Sq mt site specific flagship store project.  It is located within a existing building in Place de la Garonne, the luxury area of St. Tropez.

The existing building went through important structural modifications to allow for a new facade, two new staircases and a professional kitchen. The glycine tree which spans from the ground floor through the roof into the terrace forms a sculptural feature within the Cafe. The new facade hides a suspended plant stand with six illuminated palm trees.

Flair-studio Cavalli Cafe St Tropez