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  • Vita sloane square, facade, conceptual sketch, flair studio, storefront

    It’s coming… New project in Sloane Square

    Flair Studio is delighted to announce that our project for a “healthy building” for Vita Boutique Fitness in Sloane Square is currently on site, aiming to open before the end of September. The building is spanning over 6 storeys and includes a fitness centre with yoga and Pilates classes as well as one to one…

  • Designer of the week, interview with Federico Schilling, designmyhub, flair studio

    Designer of the Week

    Interview with Federico Schilling featured in Designmyhub Tell me a little bit about Flair Studio? The studio was born under the idea of combining the rigour and formality which are embedded in the architectural profession with little elements of unpredictability and glamour with the idea to slightly shift the angle and to generate new perspectives.…

  • newh united kingdom

    Flair Studio joined the NEWH

    Flair Studio joined the Hospitality Industry Network, a non profit organistation providing scholarships, education, leadership development, recognition of excellence, and business development opportunities.

  • Sustainable Design, a basic guide

    Under these turbulent times as we are entering a new decade of uncertainty, now more than ever we need to commit to more sustainable, ethical and disruptive design alternatives. We have put together a basic guide to increase sustainability within your project. The creative sector can play a key role in accelerating the transition to…

  • Living room-lighting design-flair studio design

    Residential Lighting Design can turn your house into a home

    Interior Designers and their clients too often underestimate the importance of lighting design, which is value engineered out of their residential projects. But they are ultimately missing the simple fact that it is pointless to design beautiful interiors if you can’t properly see them. Good lighting design helps you to improve the perception of a…

  • London skyline black and white - flair studio

    We are moving

    We are moving to new premises We are excited to announce that in about a month we will be moving to a sligthly larger, hopefully sunnier office which is just a few blocks away within the same area of Brook Green in Hammersmith, West London, where the Studio was founded more than two years ago.…

  • bio-climatic pergola, retractable roof, lucarelli, flair studio design

    Post-pandemic Restaurant Design

    Originally published on Hotel in July – 2020 Now that hospitality is beginning to open its doors once more, we asked Federico Schilling from Flair Studio to explore the challenges of designing F&B areas in the post-pandemic world… With restaurants and pubs in UK set to reopen before the end of June/beginning of July, there is still a…

  • Sustainable refurbishments, passive house

    Sustainable Refurbishments in the UK

    Originally published on Hotel in June – 2020 An ode to sustainable refurbishments Designer and architect from Flair Studio Federico Schilling explains the challenges and solutions regarding sustainable refurbishments… Until the lockdown, we have seen a strong momentum for environmental causes culminating with the Extinction Rebellion movement and more industry-specific calls to action (including the RIBA…

  • Vita Pilates, Flair Studio designed the boutique fitness showroom in chelsea

    Designing fitness spaces after the pandemic

    Originally published on Hotel in May – 2020 Federico Schilling, Designer and Architect at Flair Studio, tries to imagine how Fitness and Wellness Centres can come back after the lockdown. The fitness industry has been badly hit as a result of the COVID–19 spread and in the current situation it is exploring innovative ways…

  • Flair Studio joins The List House and Gardens

    We are on the List !

    Flair Studio was featured on The List of Architectural Practices, Interior and Landscape Designers selected by House & Gardens, which is the best directory featuring interior design talents in the UK. Take a look at our profile here